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So you want Miklos and Tracy to get together... well, you're in the right place. We all feel the same way. The dashing bartender and the kick ass cop belong together... and here's the fanfic to prove it. But first an introduction.

Detective Tracy Vetter is the heroine of the Dark Perks. She's a "damn good cop," a fan of coffee and walks the edges of the vampire world, taking on criminals and undead creatures on a nightly basis with her police detective partner, Nick Knight. She's got a bad rap of being perky, but don't be fooled. She's no innocent, and she's certainly no daddy's girl.

Miklos is the Greek vampire who tends bar at the Raven. His story is a little less familiar to the casual reader than Tracy's, but he's a gentleman through and through. His exotic looks and voice can work their way into a woman's heart, just like they have Tracy's, and as a vampire, he may be a killer, but he doesn't hurt the ladies. A Don Juan for Eastern Europe. A Casanova of the night shift. And, of course, he looks fantastic in a pair of leather pants.

And now, read on, and enjoy these two together.

By Cousin Mary

Slipping a Miklos
Rating: PG-13

Shotglass Full of Cherries
Rating: NC-17 (18+ only!)
Summary: Miklos makes an offer.

Coming Across
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Tracy comes across and starts running with the wrong crowd, aka Miklos

Snowed In
Rating: NC-17 (18+ only!)
Summary: Tracy is trapped in the Raven with Miklos and Lacroix. M/F/M content.

The Morning After Series
Rating: PG-15
Sleeping Beauty
Summary: Tracy wakes up to a surprise.
A Long Day's Night
Summary: Thinking back, moving on.
Close Shave
Summary: Too close for comfort?

By Shana Nolan

The Other Side
Rating: PG
Summary: A night in the life of our favourite bartender.

Rating: R
Summary: Vachon goes to a flamenco club, only to discover two very familiar looking dancers...

Private Dance
Rating: NC-17 (18+ only!)
Summary: sequel to "Bailamos." "Tera" and Miklos put on their own, private show.

Stripping Surprise
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: For her birthday, Tracy gets a stripper... (writ for Cousin Mary's b-day 2000)

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